Anna Calvi: Friday Mixtape

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Mixtape: Anna Calvi has made us a Friday mixtape and it’s really, really great!

Ever heard Anna Calvi sing? It feels like you’re on Odysseus’ ship being led to the rocks but you don’t mind about your imminent death one bit because her siren sound is that brilliant. Anna famously taught herself to sing from scratch in her kitchen when her parents were out, and has since stunned audiences all around the world with her tremendous, booming voice and terrifyingly beautiful face. To celebrate the launch of her new single Piece by Piece she’s kindly made a mix for us this Friday, and it is bloody brilliant. She’s chosen the likes of Pixies, Cocteau Twins and Ennio Morricone for us today – thank you Anna! Enjoy.


Anna Calvi: Piece By Piece


Anna Calvi: Piece By Piece