Photo by Owen Richards

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Mixtape: 13 tracks from Mark Jasper of Hackney recording studio Sound Savers

This Friday’s mixtape comes from Mark Jasper of Sound Savers fame. Sound Savers is an analogue and digital recording studio and rehearsal space in Hackney, London. Together, three friends help bands record the albums that will one day (hopefully) make budding musicians rich and famous. Mark also does a fortnightly radio show on NTS and plays in the lo-fi guitar band Witching Waves. I’ve actually just had a listen to them, they’re really good.

Of this Friday mixtape, Mark says, “All of the bands are from London, almost half of it is stuff I’ve recorded, and I’ve seen all of the bands live at least once. I’ve tried to do a tiny sketch of the London DIY scene, I hope you like the sound of it.”

Thanks Mark! Now let’s crank it up, shall we?


Photo by Owen Richards