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Mixtape: A very special mixtape from NTS Radio’s Joane Skyler

Woo! Another mixtape from someone recommended by NTS Radio. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: NTS are much cooler than us, so this kind of help with Friday mixtapes is incredibly helpful. This week they’ve asked artist and NTS contributor Joane Skyler (real name Jason Kerley) to contribute a mix for us, and what a mix! His/her first release was described on Boomkat as “a 30-minute odyssey that glides into the hardcore continuum and re-shapes various forms and formulations of electronic music along the way.” The music he/she has chosen for us today is a heady, abstract mix of sounds that come together to resemble a shoe-gazer disco at Willy Wonka’s factory. You’ll find the mind boggling track list below.

NTS It’s Nice That Mixtape 003 – Joane Skyler by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Track List for Joane Skyler’s Friday Mixtape

Ananas Pyramidalis – Live at the Seaside
Tulasi – Exotic Cocktail Party
Alabaster Falcons – Alabaster Falcons
Broken tape labeled “Indian Cylipso”
Ryan York – Zipperlegs
Lotide – Moonless
DYNOOO – Mesh N2 Air
RM Francis – Recycled Sleep
Brixton Academy tape pack
Manuel and the Music of the Mountains Carnival
My Panda Shall Fly & Micro burst – Earth And Air And Rain
Kiss FM
Digital Natives – Artificial Ass Flavor
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – Buddah, manifestation of silence
Innercity – 2
Jill Purce – Overtone Chanting
Kate Bush – The Whole Story
Tuff Sherm – Canal Cloaking
Joane Skyler – sssssssss
Sulphurous – Demo XII
Wormridden – Infesting The Grave (?)
Unknown noise tape
The Everly Brothers – The Very Best Of The Everly Brothers