Work / Friday Mixtape

A special Friday mixtape from south London Ninja Tune artist Slugabed

What a TREAT we have here! Ninja Tune artist and DJ Slugabed is here to make your Friday 88.8% better with a fun mix to get you through the last few hours of the week. Slugabed is the man behind south London-based label Activia Benz and has been DJing around the world for many a year.

In their bio on him, Ninja Tune say that Slugabed (whose real name is Gregory Feldwick) “creates music which is at once complex, deep, thoughtful and above all distinctive. It channels the energy of the best of today’s bass music, through spacey bleeps and meditative melodies to explore the outermost reaches of electronic music making today.”

High praise indeed. We like Slugabed because he’s weird and fun at the same time, surely enough reason to like anyone? Also if you’re looking for a new beach towel you can get a special Slugabed one over here.

It’s Nice That Mixtape – Slugabed by Itsnicethat on Mixcloud