Stephen Christian: Friday Mixtape. Image by Jane Eastlight

Work / Friday Mixtape

A special Friday mix from head of A&R at Warp Records, Stephen Christian

Who better to give us a mix than the man in charge of A&R at the legendary Warp Records? Embarrassingly I had to look up what A&R meant when Stephen told me that’s what he did. Turns out it stands for “artists and repertoire” which basically means that Stephen spends his time scouting new talent and overseeing their climb to fame like some sort of lovely, knowledgable father-figure with a good taste in music. Despite his busy schedule of sorting out what music we’re all going to listen to in the future, Stephen’s kindly put together a mix of Friday-themed music. Unsurprisingly it’s really good and very, very cool. Enjoy!

It’s Nice That Friday Mix – Stephen Christian, Warp Records by Itsnicethat on Mixcloud