Edward Monaghan’s Friday Mixtape

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Mixtape: Illustrator Edward Monaghan takes over this week’s psychedelic mixtape

We’re going to keep celebrating the launch of the Winter issue of Printed Pages until we’re vomiting sand, so you’d better get used to it. At least in this celebration you get the added treat of music, sweet music. For this issue we commissioned It’s Nice That Graduate and all-round talented, magical man Edward Monaghan to create a visual mixtape for us. He selected five of his favourite songs and set about illustrating each one with spectacular results.

We’ve handed over the task of curating Friday’s online mixtape to him this week, so close your eyes, light the patchouli candle, take your shoes off and hand over your brain to the ghost of Syd Barrett. Edward’s about to open up your mind. Enjoy!


Edward Monaghan: Edzayawa – Gondzin


Edward Monaghan: Pink Floyd – Take up Thy Stethoscope and Walk


Edward Monaghan: The Monks – I Can’t Get Over You