Pssst: Supermundane’s mural

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Pssst. Have you heard about the super-fun children’s art show in Frankfurt? It looks AMAZING

Lots of art galleries and museums spend vast amounts of time (and sometimes money) considering how they can attract more young visitors and they come up with all manner of clever solutions. But it’s surprising how rarely these institutions tackle the issue in the most straightforward way imaginable – by putting on a show aimed squarely at this demographic. Credit then to Frankfurt’ s Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK) which is currently hosting Pssst, featuring 17 artists (nine local and eight form the UK) who have produced work for children aged between five and 12, based around the theme “secrets.”

Highlights include two huge murals on either side of a wall by the brilliant Supermundane with connecting tubes for visitors to talk through, a flower by Thomas Forsyth that senses movement and dances with passers-by and a confession booth by Kirsten and Zuni von Zubinski in with youngsters write their sins which then get shredded and pop out of a monster’s mouth (good idea for the Catholic Church maybe??). There’s also a display of things found in children’s pockets and a machine that lets you record and scratch with your own voice courtesy of Christopher Fellehne.

With so much fun and imagination on display, you can’t help but feel the MMK is onto a bit of a winner, as are the children of Frankfurt. Pssst runs until January 27.


Pssst: Exhibition poster (by Zuni and Kirsten von Zubinski)


Pssst: Supermundane’s mural


Matthew Bromley: snoz woz ’er for Pssst


Pssst: Installation view


Philip Waechter: For Pssst


Jörg Mühle: For Pssst


Thomas Forsyth& Dominic Lane: For Pssst


Kirsten and Zuni von Zubinski: Confession Booth for Pssst


Gemma Correll: For Pssst