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Film: Host of great opportunities for filmmakers and photographers via MOFILM

In the competitive, ever-changing world of the creative industries, it can be hard to get the right opportunities to make great work, which is why the time is ripe for innovative platforms like MOFILM.

It works by setting briefs from big brands and social causes with production grants, trips abroad and exposure on offer for the best creative solutions. The idea, they explain, “is to help filmmakers get discovered, get famous, get exposure and get rewarded.” Filmmakers from around the world are using MOFILM as a launching pad for their careers.

There will be more than 100 briefs for filmmakers to choose from this year, from brands like Coke, Reebok, Chevrolet, Guinness and PlayStation.

And having worked exclusively with film and music in the past, MOPHOTO marks a new raft of opportunities for photographers to get involved in the same way. The latest MOPHOTO brief comes from NESTEA who are looking for photos that juxtapose the “taste of freedom” associated with drinking a Nestea with the boredom or constraints of everyday life.

There is up to $8,000 to be won as well as global exposure for the winning photos so sign up to MOFILM today and start a new chapter in your creative career!