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By designers, for designers: Monotype’s font subscription service

Font libraries are a bit like a record collection. Each is unique to the owner, reflecting their particular style or taste, and each catalogued item serves a specific purpose – be it cult classic or floor filler. It can be a daunting prospect – trawling through many different font families and committing to a purchase when you might not be quite sure if that particular weight is perfect for the masterpiece you are working on. The Monotype Library Subscription has been launched with this, and more, in mind. Featuring popular designs such as Frutiger, Helvetica, ITC Avant Garde Gothic, Metro Nova and more, the service is an ever expanding resource that takes the financial strain and creative limitations out of font licensing.

The service has been created with designers at its heart – from the ease of use to the scope of its offering. Whether you are a solo freelancer or a company with a large team, the easy-to-use service allows you to browse and download specimens from a catalogue of over 10,000 fonts within 2,200 font families.

The demands and pressures on designers to make decisions quickly and create great work consistently can sometimes lead to habits forming and reliable font choices appearing time and time again. For those who feel that variety is the spice of life, the Monotype Library offers an opportunity to find the perfect fit, whatever project you might be working on. “The Monotype Library Subscription is the most extensive, and arguably the most important, font subscription service currently available," says LA-based creative director Alan Gilbertson. "The rich variety and number of classic type families it makes accessible to the designer put it in a class of its own. If you’re a freelancer or small design shop, that “can we afford it?” conversation goes away completely.”

Daniel Cheade, a freelance graphic designer, agrees. “We have to rapidly respond to client needs, and those needs change from job to job. The Monotype Library Subscription takes the pain and expense out of font licensing. This allows us a tremendous amount of flexibility and doesn’t let the licensing become a hurdle for the creative work we do.”

Ask any designer what they want more of and, by and large, they will say “money and time.” Monotype has developed this service knowing that ease of use is paramount to creatives across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. It’s a one-click process: a subscription allows the user to download fonts on multiple devices, work offline whether on the move (or taking a quick break in the park), and easily collaborate with the font-sending feature.

With a large library of premium type, including some of the world’s most popular typefaces, at a low monthly cost, Monotype’s new service embodies the qualities that has made it a leader in the world of type. Sign up to spend less time searching, or married to the fonts that you have been using to death for years on end, and more time creating…

The Monotype Library Subscription Service makes it easy and affordable to work with some of the world’s most popular typefaces. To find out more visit their site here.


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