Daehyun Kim: The rain comes whenever I wish

Work / Art

Daehyun Kim’s ink-based drawings evoke feeling and thought beautifully.

Using ink and a minimalistic style, Daehyun Kim has created a distinctive, individual identity with his drawings that mark themselves out as his own the moment any viewer spreads their eyes over them. And just like butter melting over warm toast, these drawings are elegant, simple and highly evocative. But let’s stop salivating, pull focus, and get to the jam.

Creating an identity through style, Daehyun also concentrates the thematic connotations found within his work on the identity of people, expressing their everyday thoughts and feelings in concise metaphorical ways. In this sense, each piece visually denotes recognisable human traits, conditions and situations – often contrasting oppositions between two characters so as to provide a narrative that explores the mind, situation and ideas.


Daehyun Kim: A Stammerer


Daehyun Kim: A Stammerer


Daehyun Kim: Beam


Daehyun Kim: Birth of us


Daehyun Kim: Birth of us


Daehyun Kim: Example of you


Daehyun Kim: Example of you


Daehyun Kim: Inspiration