Mowgli: Mexico

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Photography: Mexico, India and Morocco through the eyes of photographer Mowgli

You know that feeling you get when you’re sat at your desk, the sun is shining, and for a second it comes through the window, warming your arm just long enough for you to know exactly what you’re missing? If that feeling makes you fidget in your seat then Adrian Morris’ photographs will probably have you leaping over buildings.

He calls himself Mowgli, and just like the boy who befriended Baloo in the jungle, Adrian has an air of ease about him that comes through in his photographs – they portray him as a carefree wanderer, casually floating from one exotic place to another. Luckily for us he’s good with a camera, so every picture gives us a little bittersweet glimpse into his adventures.

Mowgli’s images have a depth and realness to them that so effortlessly captures the atmosphere of wherever he is, whether it be the southwestern coast of Morocco or a small room backstage at a gig. Regardless of the immediate and inevitable feeling of jealousy, you won’t be able to stop looking at them and wishing you too were about to dive recklessly into a lake.


Mowgli: Mexico


Mowgli: Morocco


Mowgli: Morocco


Mowgli: Morocco


Mowgli: Italy


Mowgli: India