Secret 7": The exhibition at Mother London in 2013

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Music: Calling all artists! Submit your work to be part of 2014’s Secret 7"

Toot toot! We are very, very excited to announce that we will be media partners of this year’s Secret 7" competition! If you don’t already know, Secret 7" is a project in aid of War Child that, for the past two years, has taken some of the world’s best songs and asked people to design record sleeves for specially printed vinyl.

The 700 or so records are then displayed in a sellout exhibition in Mother London where they can be bought for £45 each on Record Store Day. The only catch being that the buyer will not know which song they are buying, or who created the sleeve until they get it home and play it. Could be a rare Black Sabbath track with artwork designed by your favourite illustrator, could be that band you’ve always detested drawn by Dave from down the road. Either way, this is a spectacular project that is putting great things out into the world, and we can’t wait to accompany them on their third voyage.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to design some artwork for Secret 7"? If so, apply via their site to be in with a chance of being part of this fantastic exhibition and a great cause.


Secret 7": T.Rex


Secret 7": Roxy Music


Secret 7": Massive Attack


Secret 7": Lorde


Secret 7": Jake Bugg


Secret 7": Elbow


Secret 7": Black Sabbath


Secret 7": The exhibition at Mother London in 2013


Secret 7": The exhibition at Mother London in 2013