My Dad Was In A Band: Hot Ice

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Web: Blog My Dad Was In A Band is a brilliant collection of visuals and memories

I’m worried that the frequency with which I proclaim things “my new favourite Tumblr ever” is undermining the level of such praise but this time, this time, I really mean it. My Dad Was In A Band seems to be a promo for a new film called A Band Called Death described as “equal parts electrifying rockumentary and epic family love story” (you can see the trailer below).

It does exactly what it says on the masthead, collating people’s submitted memories of their dads’ music careers, complete with AMAZING vintage photos, tracks and even the odd video. It’s the personal memories of the contributors that really make it so special – my favourite being Brandon Crash, son of Slander’s Chris who notes simply: “I’ve known from the youngest age, that my dad ups the punx more than any other dad I will ever meet.” It’s only small at the moment but my hope is the more exposure it gets, the bigger this brilliant blog will grow.


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