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My Favourite Music Video: This week is from super animation due Becky and Joe

Both Becky and Joe found it hard to pick their ultimate favourite music video for this feature. This is funny because only the other day a few of us at It’s Nice That decided that Becky and Joe were officially, hands down our favourite video makers. Are you one of the 14 million people that have watched Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared? If so then you’ll probably agree with us. Here they are telling us about which videos they hold dear to their strange but hilarious little hearts.

Joe Pelling: Blur – Good Song. Directed by Shynola using artwork by David Shrigley.

“I’m not sure if I could ever choose a favourite video, or it would take me too long to decide and the effort would not be worth the outcome. Having said that I can choose one that would probably be in my top 10 so I hope that’s good enough for now.

I’m a big fan of the directing team that is Shynola and I’m a big fan of David Shrigley and I’m a big fan of Blur. So the music video for Blur’s Good Song directed by Shynola with David Shrigley is also something that I am a big fan of. To me it’s a masterpiece, a simple but brilliant bit of storytelling about a a weird fly man who falls in love with a squirrel. Its full of great moments and, like a lot of both Shynola and Shrigley’s work, it combines humour and sense of dark sadness that angers and confuses me. I particularly like the bit where the flyman picks a flower for the squirrel and it dies."

Becky Sloan : Beach House – Wishes. Directed by Eric Wareheim

“Choosing my favourite music video is a tough one. So many amazing videos from the masters such as Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry immediately come to mind, but this is a recent video that I LOVE! I like Beach House’s music because it makes me feel sad but in a kind way. I love the work of Eric Wareheim because it’s weird and makes me laugh and he is a c-c-crazy guy.

The video for Wishes stars Ray Wise as a coach who mimes the song whilst some bizarre and silly games take place with fireworks, cheerleaders and horses. The video is very surreal and dream-like and is the sort of thing I imagine when listening to the music…except I am Ray Wise on a white horse/ unicorn singing….I would never have expected the two to collaborate on a music video but the combination is PERFECT. It makes me feel sad in a happy way and also is funny. I LIKE!"