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My Favourite Music Video: Up next it’s Arctic Monkeys video director David Wilson

This week’s music video gush is from director David Wilson. He’s made unforgettable videos from this saucy banger for the Arctic Monkeys, to this even saucier one for Tame Impala. His knack for taking a good idea and injecting some sexy weirdness and alluring visuals into it is making him in very high-demand at the moment. Who better to tell us about his favourite ever music video? Here he is…

David Wilson: The Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

I was introduced to this promo years ago when I saw the Ondi Timoner documentary DIG! I’ve kept coming back to this video in countless different ways over the past few years, as it just excels on so many levels; the look, styling and dance routines are off the hook! It’s created on such a wonderfully large scale, the kind that would probably be unthinkable if it were made today. It pushes just the right amount of controversy, for example, the dancing hypodermic needles and an overdosing mime artist. For another Dandy Warhols track, such imagery would seem like forced absurdity, but for Junkie it fits perfectly.

I also really love the beauty lighting that’s used on the band members, everyone looks great. I guess it’s the unabashed beautification of the frontman that makes it seem very fresh; the fact that he’s happy for David LaChappelle to light him in this almost feminine way gives him an air of confidence, without seeming too cocky.

The aerial shot of the dance routine on the hospital stretchers is one that’s permanently ingrained in my brain. It’s so much fun and the graphical imagery brings joy to my life; I love a well-ordered frame. The set design, patterns, colours and the theatrical sound-stage are all an economic use of the small budget, but create such a great, high-budget feel. It’s just a complete blast to watch, from start to finish.