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My Favourite Music Video: Kirsten Lepore on Aphex Twin’s epic Windowlicker

From someone who makes animations about the characters in Guess Who coming to life or short films about small characters meeting and falling in love in treacherous, alien landscapes, it’s pretty weird that Kirsten Lepore is utterly obsessed with Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker. But then again, who wasn’t completely hypnotised when they first saw it? It’s one of those things that remains with you forever, and yes, one of the best music videos of all time. 10 points to Gryffindor for Kirsten sending us a photo of her and a friend dressed up as Richard D. James and one of the creepy dancing girls.

Kirsten Lepore – Aphex Twin: Windowlicker

In 2003, right at the start of my freshman year, a few of my roommates were huddled in our living room watching the Chris Cunningham Director’s Label DVD. I really didn’t know much about “alternative” music or music videos at the time, but they called me over to watch the Windowlicker video. Although I was initially a bit baffled by the four minute intro, I quickly realised the payoff and was completely glued to the screen for the next six minutes.

I became pretty obsessed with the track immediately, which luckily led me to discover all of Aphex Twin’s music. But the video, oh man was I obsessed. I generally get really into practical effects and great movie make-up, and this video showcased such a unique application of mask-making craftsmanship. I liked that it wasn’t scary in a conventional “monster” mask way, but achieved a whole other level of creepiness simply through the juxtaposition of Richard D. James’ smiling face and sexy ladies’ bodies. It’s kind of like one big fucked up sexual nightmare, and I love things that ride that line and make you feel a little grossed out to be a human.

So yeah, getting into this video (and all of Chris Cunningham’s work for that matter) felt like the beginning of a new, more enlightened, chapter in my art and filmmaking career. Two last fun facts that will prove the depth of my obsession: 1) This song has been my ringtone for as long as I’ve had a smartphone. And 2) This photo below is me and a friend on Halloween in 2010.


Kirsten Lepore and friend at Halloween 2010