Nathan James

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Creepy but excellent Condo-esque paintings from artist Nathan James will weird out your Wednesday

Like a surreal trip into a tripping F.Scott Fitzgerald’s head, or a peek into a young George Condo’s sketchbooks, London-based artist Nathan James’ new series is a pretty extraordinary experience. From occasional comic-book style humour to Dali-esque dripping faces, Nathan’s paintings are a positive assault on the senses, slapping you round the face with stark references to art and sexual behaviour.

His biography describes how his new series, Creepshow, focuses on “the lives and worlds of the underclass, failures, perverts and slackers, rather than beautiful, successful people. Bleak comedy and personal tragedy sit uncomfortably close together in James’ characters, which draw on both the failed industrial background of his childhood and the current mood of insecurity and paranoia present in contemporary society.”


Nathan James: Burnout Breakthrough


Nathan James: Directions


Nathan James: Man with a Plan


Nathan James: Drifter


Nathan James: Grandfather Figure


Nathan James: Imagine What Home Feels Like


Nathan James: Right Hand Man


Nathan James: Second Chances