Nathanael Turner: DJ Mustard for The Fader

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Exceptional editorial photography from LA’s Nathanael Turner

There’s something I can’t stop thinking about that Roger Dean said in an interview the other day. He was talking about people creating things, and was saying there’s no point in making something that looks like it is typically of this earth. He wants people to make things that look like they’re from another world, because why not? After reading what Roger Dean said, I came across LA photographer Nathanael Turner’s work, and realised that even though he’s shooting stuff that’s very much “of this earth” (people, computers, buildings) he’s fantastic at making them seem a little skewed from the norm.

Consequently, his client list is just a bunch of magazines who you know have great art directors at their helm. Be sure to check out Nathanael’s list of “other photographers” in his info section – it’s a treasure trove of talent, some of whom will no doubt be appearing on It’s Nice That in the coming weeks.


Nathanael Turner: Untitled for Loud & Quiet


Nathanael Turner: David Tran for Businessweek


Nathanael Turner: Sonny Vaccaro for Businessweek


Nathanael Turner: Warpaint for Modzik


Nathanael Turner: Rosenboom’s Computer for The Wire


Nathanael Turner: William Basinski for Bullett Media


Nathanael Turner: DJ Mustard for The Fader