National Geographic: Texas, 1939

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National Geographic celebrate 125th anniversary with rare gems from their archive

Ah, the good old days. Long hot summers when penny chews actually cost a penny – life was sweeter back then. Apparently you were also able to ride an ostrich, and park your horse at a parking meter, or so this amazing collection would have us believe. National Geographic have set up a Tumblr to show off unarchived photographs for us all to see – many of which have never been published. A compelling insight into past cultures, and how people went about their leisure time. What a ruddy brilliant idea!

So, happy birthday National Geographic! We love you!


National Geographic: South Africa, 1942


National Geographic: Ganges River, India, 1923


National Geographic: El Paso, 1939


National Geographic: Scotland, 1919


National Geographic: Antigua, 1978


National Geographic: Nicaragua, 1944