Natwerk: Buurbecue

Work / Product Design

Amsterdam’s awesome Natwerk is an ideas factory from the very top drawer

Creative studios are really only as good as their ideas, and with that in mind Amsterdam’s Natwerk are absolutely brilliant. They’ve worked with a range of big name clients (like Diesel, Grolsch and Puma) to make interesting, fun and memorable brand experiences and eye-catching ad campaigns but it’s in their self-initiated work that we see their weird and wonderful collective mind run wild.

From a barbecue which two neighbours can share over their fence to a bottle of wine designed to be passed on as an unwanted gift from one owner to the next (and its past duly recorded) their ideas are clever, funny and surprising. Magnificently puerile air freshener? A tie that doubles as a beer can holder? You got it. Then there’s hacked street signs and statues, an adult-sized beach toy and the wonderful Saunaman statue placed on top of one Amsterdam’s metro lines. When the police removed it after complaints, the Natwerk gang brought it in the lost and found auction and put it back that very same night.

They sum up their ethos as: “to be original, create the right vibe and leave a big smile” and they certainly stay true to their principles. We can’t wait to see what the come up with next.


Natwerk: Mr Potato Head


Natwerk: Wip Kip


Natwerk: Saunaman


Natwerk: Hacked street sign


Natwerk: Doorgeefwijn


Natwerk: Frisse Wind


Natwerk: Hacked street sign