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Introducing: Geneva-based studio Neo Neo on cooking shows and coffee

Neo Neo is a visual communications and graphic design studio directed by Thuy-An Hoang and Xavier Erni, based in Geneva. Their work ranges from art direction and book design to websites, signage and custom typefaces, with projects for galleries and museums in Geneva, New York and France under their belts. Not knowing much about the Swiss design scene, we caught up with Xavier and Thuy-An to find out more about what they do!


Neo Neo: Halle Nord

Where do you work?

We share a big open space with five other graphic designers in an industrial building called “la Fonderie” in Geneva. Originally it was an iron foundry, which then became a nightclub, and finally a co-working space for independent designers 20 years ago.

How does your working day start?

Office, coffee, coffee, emails, planning, work.

How do you work and how has that changed?

For each new project we usually show two different graphic concepts to our clients. That way we can each start to work on our first personal ideas. After a few hours of experimenting we talk about what we’ve done, criticise or compliment, and try to work out together the best solutions so that we have two good projects to show. The only thing that has changed over the years is that now we often have the same ideas right from the beginning.

Where would we find you when you’re not at work?

Xavier: Unfortunately I spend too much time in front of a screen, so if I’m not at work I’m probably at home working on fonts. Otherwise, in a bar or outside running
Thuy-An: I’d probably be at home cooking, or watching cooking shows on TV (bad habit).

Would you intern for yourself?

Yes, for sure! We often send ourselves emails with our own portfolio.


Neo Neo: Kunsthalle Geneva


Neo Neo: Ariana Museum


Neo Neo: Black Movie


Neo Neo: Black Movie


Neo Neo: Black Movie


Neo Neo: Poster Tribune


Neo Neo: Type Design