New: Mint Vinetu (Moby Dick)

Work / Illustration

Excellent illustrated posters showing how books change with their readers

Really into these promo posters by Lithuanian agency New! for the Mint Vinetu bookshop chain. The premise seems deceptively simple – that we read the same books completely differently depending on how old we are – but representing this visually is far from straightforward. In this series of illustrated posters though the different levels of knowledge, understanding and appreciation we bring to bear later in life are represented by bold, striking images of the same title. So we understand that Animal Farm is an allegory about venality and the corrupting influence of power, that The Metamorphosis is about the quotidien frustration of middle age and that Moby Dick might be about something more than a massive whale.


New: Mint Vinetu (Animal Farm)


New: Mint Vinetu (The Metamorphosis)