The New Yorker’s gay rights covers

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Illustration: New Yorker covers chronicle changing attitudes towards gay rights

The New Yorker has always been quick to provide a cultural response to the political and cultural landscape with their illustrated covers, and this week’s momentous decision by the Supreme Court of Justice to strike down the Defence of Marriage Act – which prevented same-sex spouses from being recognised by the state – was no exception.

The leak of this week’s cover, which features much-loved Sesame Street puppets Bert and Ernie cuddling in front of televised footage of the Supreme Court, has been met with a whirlwind of controversy, but the message set by the latest in a long line of New Yorker covers about homosexuality is clear. This week marks a huge turning point, and the bottom line is that changes are a-coming. What better opportunity to look back at the iconic magazine’s previous covers about same-sex unions? The beautifully poignant, sometimes funny, sometimes proud images have been marking the evolution of attitudes towards gay rights for over a decade, and a lovely, celebratory collection they make too.


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