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Luke Evans’ honest and emotive talk on the journey his practice has followed

At Nicer Tuesdays August we had the absolute honour of revealing a new project by photographer Luke Evans. A firm long-time favourite of ours Luke took to the stage at Oval Space to introduce his work to those who may not of known him, but they definitely love him now.

“A sort of photographer,” Luke’s work is often sculpture based and “the camera is often there to bring it to life”. Whizzing us through his projects like Inside Out, Xero and Forge his talk took an emotional pause as Luke described a difficult period in his life.

Honestly taking the audience through this time, Luke spoke through the nervousness that comes with having to pause your work to stop and pay attention to yourself. It was all undoubtedly worth it in the end however, as Luke gradually got back behind the camera and introduced his latest mind bendingly good project Second Nature.


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