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Check out Caroline Till’s talk at our food-themed Nicer Tuesdays

At last month’s food-themed Nicer Tuesdays our first speaker was Caroline Till from multi-disciplinary design studio FranklinTill, which curated the Sensory Suppers at London Design Festival 2011. The idea was born, Caroline said, from a reaction she was hearing among designers, journalists and visitors to LDF that they wanted “no more chairs.” She explained: “There’s a rise for intangible experiences – we wanted to redesign how you interact with food.”

Each night a different studio was brought in to create a thoroughly all-consuming evening of food and sensorial delights at the Andaz hotel, each focussing on a different sense. Bompas & Parr tackled sight, paring a dining experience with a visual one through a screening of Jodorowsky’s surreal masterpiece The Holy Mountain. This involved, naturally, a four-feet-tall ice penis. “It was paraded round the tables, and guests hacked at it with an ice-pick”, Caroline said. “There were audible groans from the men in the audience.” Food blog Stirring with Knives looked at touch, and had each guest blindfolded and fed by a personal servant; while Silent Studios orchestrated a Masonic supper, exploring how sound affected taste by bringing in a string quartet and making guests play a handbell to form a Mozart symphony to “sing” for their suppers.


Caroline Till on stage (Photo by GT)


Caroline’ Till’s slide (Caroline Till on stage (Photo by GT)


Caroline Till on stage (Photo by GT)

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