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Ivana Bobic on exploring tactility in film, and how to make slow-mo jelly boobs

Director Ivana Bobic recently made headlines with her ad for breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel, which was the first to show a female nipple on daytime TV. At Nicer Tuesdays she took us behind the scenes of the inventive and percussive film exploring the theme of tactility, aiming to make people feel comfortable with their own bodies.

To do so, the film visualises “what hands do” in all sorts of scenarios. Inspired by Godfrey Reggio’s The Visitors, the ad focuses on a quick-fire series of actions in close-up, “from the hands’ point of view”. From squeezing jam doughnuts to stroking cats, to wobbling jelly boobs on a plate, the shots have a cheeky sense of humour sewn together by a rhyme and beat. Without much budget, Ivana and the team behind the film managed to make massive waves.

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