How creating Boy.Brother.Friend has enabled KK Obi to positively impact the fashion editorial world

Originally from Nigeria and now based in London, KK’s experience in the fashion industry inspired him to start his own magazine.

20 August 2020


Following on from Siân Davey at last month’s Nicer Tuesdays was stylist and creative director KK Obi, who joined to tell us about the magazine he’s launched called Boy.Brother.Friend. It’s a publication we were initially drawn to for its incredible contributor list which includes Liz Johnson Artur, Mowalola and Mohamed Bourouissa to name but a few. We were then hooked when we discovered more about the issue’s beautiful design and ethos.

Based in London, KK has been working in the menswear world for seven years, having moved to the UK from Nigeria at the age of 17. He entered the fashion world by way of a degree at Sheffield University and has learned everything he knows on the job since. In fact, it was this journey – and the talented people he’s met along the way – which inspired the commencement of Boy.Brother.Friend. The magazine provides a space for KK to celebrate those he admires, creating a space for their work to be housed. In turn, the publication has been KK’s opportunity to create the industry he wants to see. Check out his full talk to hear more about the story to the first issue and some of the incredible names involved.

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