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Watch Nicos Livesey explain how he made his embroidered BBC World Cup spot

Animation director and It’s Nice That One to Watch from 2017 Nicos Livesey never takes the easy route on a project. His latest film, the BBC’s promotional video for the 2018 World Cup, was one of his most extravagant works to date, embarking on a mammoth task where each frame would be embroidered, and then animated.

To tackle such a giant project, Nicos worked with needle and thread professionals London Embroidery Studio to create a short made up of 600 frames featuring iconic moments throughout football history. A task as big as this for national television took an enthusiastic team and many sleepless nights but resulted in an animated spot everyone was talking about this World Cup season.

Watch the talk above to hear Nicos tell the full story about the ups and downs of creating an animation as ambitious as this.


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