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Season Zine’s Felicia Pennant on how the publication puts female football fans first

At June’s Nicer Tuesdays Felicia Pennant, the founder and editor of independent football and fashion platform Season Zine, took to the stage providing insight on how the publication has added a different tone of voice to the current conversation of football.

“The aim of the game with us,” Felicia explains, “is to tell stories which showcase, celebrate and empower female fans first, whether they play or not.” Inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s tears at the Euros in 2004, Felicia got hooked on the exhilarating and emotional power of the sport.

Editorially-led with thoughtful photography and illustration commissioning, the Season team provide an alternative to the way female football fans are represented countering “the male, pale, stale football culture.”

You can get tickets for July’s Nicer Tuesdays featuring Flat-e, Nadine Redlich, Sophie Koko Gate and Vicki King, here.


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