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Watch Studio Hato’s Ken Kirton talk at our food-themed Nicer Tuesdays

At our food-themed Nicer Tuesdays, we enjoyed some left of centre culinary insight from Ken Kirton of the wonderful Hato Press, the risograph printers behind books like Studio Cookbook and the recent Cooking with Scorsese, a wonderful little publication that turns the idea of the cookbook on its head. Instead of recipes, we get stills from food-focussed films that encourage readers to look at cooking through a different, more cinematic lens. “There’s no step-by-step ingredients list – it’s all screenshots and subtitles,” said Ken.

He returned again and again to the “explosive pissing beef balls” from Stephen Chow and Li Lik-Chi’s The God of Cookery – a fabulous-sounding fusion of food and kung fu. It was lovely hearing about how the Hato Press studio works, in terms of lunch plans and it sounds like Ken’s passion for cooking is reflected in the rest of the team.


Ken Kirton on stage at Nicer Tuesdays (Photo by GT)


Ken Kirton on stage at Nicer Tuesdays (Photo by GT)


Ken Kirton on stage at Nicer Tuesdays (Photo by GT)


Ken Kirton on stage at Nicer Tuesdays (Photo by GT)

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