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Nicer Tuesdays March: get tickets now

For March, we are proud to announce a stellar line-up for Nicer Tuesdays with leading figures from a swathe of creative disciplines. Join us on 28 March to hear A Practice for Everyday Life, Jon Burgerman, Anthony Burrill and Nelly Ben Hayoun offer insight into their work and creative processes at Oval Space. The event is now sold out – sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know about future events.

Graphic design studio A Practice for Everyday Life has built an esteemed reputation over the past 14 years for its work with publishers and galleries, including the recent, supremely coveted catalogue for David Hockney’s show at Tate Britain. Co-founders Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas will be taking us through the creative approach to this 270 page tome.

Illustrator Jon Burgerman may be renowned for his characterful hand-drawn doodles, but is followed by tens of thousands for his utterly brilliant Instagram account. He’s hopping over from his NYC studio to tell us more about his recent animation experiments which use the medium of Stories.

Anthony Burrill is one of the best known British graphic designers, his typographic works instantly recognisable for their punchy, positive and entirely relatable slogans. He’ll be joining us to talk more about his new book Make It Now! and his decision to reveal more about his process.

Nelly Ben Hayoun is hard to define: experience designer, director, research, and now founder of avant-garde educational institution University of the Underground. Nelly will be explaining the initiative, a free masters course with an incredible roster of tutors and a truly unique curriculum, and its importance now.