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A recap of last night’s Nicer Tuesdays all about publishing!

We’ve had a bit of a hunch for a while now that all you lot are pretty into magazines, so we decided to dedicate this month’s Nicer Tuesdays to the people who know most about that very topic and theme the night all around publishing. Port’s David Hellqvist, Dirty Furniture’s Anna Bates and Elizabeth Glickfield, Steve Watson of Stack Magazines, and Tim Noakes of Dazed and Confused all came together to deliver some home truths about the tricky, expensive, but ever-adored world of printed content. Thanks to all who came along, we hope you enjoyed it and see you again soon.


Steve Watson: Photo by GT

Steve Watson: Stack Magazines

Steve is a much-loved member of the world of publishing in that he runs Stack – a service that delivers a random selection of independent titles to your door to save you the hassle of going to the nearest arty newsagent and struggling to pick yourself. What’s more, Steve makes sure that the selection you receive is of the finest quality. He spoke last night about championing only titles that were intelligent, witty, well-designed and with staying power. What a nice man, and what a lovely jumper. Find out more about Steve and Stack over on their site.


David Hellqvist: Photo by GT

David Hellqvist: Port

David spends his days as the fashion features editor over at one of our fave magazines, Port. On the side he works for brands, helping them transform their values into easy-on-the-eye printed matter. He showed us the work he has recently completed for Timberland and said that “publications should have three targets: To educate, to inspire and to create desire.”



Anna Bates and Elizabeth Glickfield: Photo by GT

Anna Bates and Elizabeth Glickfield: Dirty Furniture

Before any people with furniture fetishes get too excited, we’d better disclaim that this magazine is sexy, but perhaps not in the way you’d like. Anna and Elizabeth have painstakingly put together a spectacular, Kickstarter-funded magazine that champions one item of furniture per issue. They showed us some spreads from the “couch” issue that got everyone chuckling and then turning to their phones to try and find a copy immediately. Nice article in one of their issues had an interview with an upholsterer bemoaning the lack of upholstery lessons in school – something that perhaps hadn’t crossed the minds of many people in the audience before.



Tim Noakes: Photo by GT

Tim Noakes: Dazed and Confused

Editor-in-chief of Dazed Tim Noakes stepped up to the lectern to tell us a little about his career as a failed hip hop producer turned intern, turned big dog influencer. Dazed has evolved a lot over the years, but still retains its core values of youth and rebellion. Tim spoke about the importance of a team, and how his own is feisty and outspoken. He also told us about the importance of magazines like Dazed taking an active interest in politics, and issues that are affecting young people now, such as gender, race and the creative industry. In his words: “If you don’t stand for something, what are you doing as a publisher?!” Cool guy.


Sponsored by Park Communications

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They have brought their professionalism to both our Printed Pages magazine and the It’s Nice That Annual 2013 and 2014, and we look forward to working with them in 2015 and beyond. To contact Park, email Alison at [email protected] or


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT


Nicer Tuesdays: Photo by GT