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Margot Bowman talks us through the creation of her short, Common Misconceptions

Joining us at Nicer Tuesdays September was creative director and filmmaker, Margot Bowman. Speaking through the process and reasons behind the creation of her short, Common Misconceptions made in collaboration with Lynette Nylander and Boiler Room, Margot highlighted the misconceptions of men’s attitude towards women in club culture.

The short began at a time where Margot was working on the creative direction for Boiler Room; a time which also coincided with the Me Too movement. She picked up on how global headlines were often rightfully critical, but no one was presenting a solution in a day-to-day sense. “No one talked about how we can get me and women to respect each other better so that these things don’t happen, and behaviour actually changes,” Margot pointed out.

Common Misconceptions came from a want to make clear to men the implications of certain behaviour, pointing out details such as how women will often budget extra money in order to get a cab home after a night out, or always dance with their back against a wall to avoid grabbing hands. Inspired by an article in publication Rave Ethics from 2016 titled How to Hit on a Girl, Margot and Lynette’s short is a key voice in making clubs safer spaces for everyone.


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