Studio Output on its approach to designing brands and digital experiences

One of London’s leading design studios, Studio Output, discusses its rebrand of cult music streaming platform Mixcloud.

22 October 2020
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When audio streaming platform Mixcloud decided it was to undergo a rebrand, it was no surprise they called upon the branding-focused Studio Output. Creative director and partner of the London-based studio Johanna Drewe discussed the details of this revamp at September’s Nicer Tuesdays, shedding light on how the identity expresses the power of music. Taking us on a whistle-stop tour of the various processes and concepts that went into the brand identity, Johanna’s insightful talk displayed what it takes to successfully capture a brand through design.

Touching on how a brand outwardly communicates with its audience (through advertising) and how it can use a consistent use of treatments to enhance its message, Johanna explained how Studio Output crafted a distinct visual identity for Mixcloud. As the talk drew to a close, she answered a few questions from our editor Matt. The first described how Studio Output decided what typefaces to use in the project while the second delved into how long (and intense) a project like this can be.

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