Nicholas Stevenson: Home Sweet Home (detail)

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Nicholas Stevenson’s illustration is bringing magic to the masses

If you’re finding that your Monday is lacking in mystery (don’t they always?) allow me to introduce you to Nicholas Stevenson, an illustrator who practically daubs it onto his pages as he draws. Preferred subjects include long-armed humans, giant beasts, secret trapdoors and food fights, all of which are endowed with an equal measure of fantasy the likes of which doesn’t often exist beyond the pages of children’s books and the odd Wicca community.

On the contrary, Nicholas’ work seems to be doing so well because of his tendency towards the dreamlike rather than in spite of it; he’s been commissioned by The New York Times, Urban Outfitters and Oxford American alongside a number of smaller publications, so you could argue that he was single-handedly bringing the mystery of childrens’ books to the adult masses. We’ll just sit quietly and absorb some of his magic.

Nicholas Stevenson is exhibiting with Angela Dalinger in Home Sweet Home at the Atomica Gallery in London. The exhibition will run util 11 September.


Nicholas Stevenson: Frost Fair


Nicholas Stevenson: Bear Fight Club


Nicholas Stevenson: Chapeau


Nicholas Stevenson: Home Sweet Home


Nicholas Stevenson: Food Fight from Hook for Oh Comely


Nicholas Stevenson: Home Sweet Home


Nicholas Stevenson: Social Networks in Mythology for the New York Times


Nicholas Stevenson: Home Sweet Home