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27 November 2015
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Earlier this year photographer and SHOWstudio founder Nick Knight decided to take his wealth of experience and pass it over to budding image makers. Where many in the fashion industry choose to keep their processes something of an enigma, Nick’s approach is now to uncover the world of fashion photography and share his wisdom on portfolios and building on a great creative network. The students will even get the chance to see the fruits of their labour on SHOWstudio itself.

He is doing this through a course he’s running with Mastered, a four-month online programme that covers everything from building your “voice” to licensing and archiving. The crop of photographers currently tackling the course have already been building up an impressive body of work. The first brief they completed was based around the SS16 fashion collections, where the photographers of the course were tasked with working out themes. “Don’t simply rely on journalists’ interpretation of the themes by reading catwalk reports,” they were told. “Then, choose one that appeals most to you, explore and unpick it, and create a set of ten images based on it.”


Anna Kolesnikova: Mastered work

In creating the images, the budding photographers were told to try and find the collections’ overarching concepts, as well as examining details like colours, patterns, garments and cuts. In choosing models, the advice given was to “step away from conventional beauty and shoot someone who you find interesting: someone who others might not find beautiful, but you do.”

The three photographers who most caught our eye were Maya Amrami, Anna Kolesnikova and Christos Karantzolas, whose responses seemed fresh, arresting and accomplished. Nick gave us a few words on why he deemed their work so impressive, dubbing Maya’s images “bold” and “exciting” and Christos’ “elegant and modern,” bringing “refinement and beauty to unconventional positions.” In Anna’s work, it was the relationship between photographer and model that made them “one of [his] absolute favourite set of images from all the work I was shown.”

The class still has another couple of months to go until they complete the course, and it’ll be great to see how the work develops with different briefs and direction from Nick.


Christos Karantzolas: Mastered work


Maya Amrami: Mastered work

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