Nicolas Coulomb: Steven for Novembre

Work / Photography

Girls get lost! – the masculine photographs of Nicolas Coulomb are well worth exploring

Some truly first-rate photographs here by Nicolas Coulomb but if you’re here looking for uncommonly good looking boys and girls, then you’re in the wrong place. Nicolas is all about the men, and you can see why. His ability to take a man (I say man, I mean model) and photograph them so well that they are almost camouflaged into their surroundings is a fine skill in itself. What’s really impressive though, is his palette: watch as he combines the skin tone, garments and architecture surrounding each chiselled model into a set of colours that work so well together it’s almost as if he’s painted it. See his full collection of masculine portraits here or look out for his work in Novembre magazine.


Nicolas Coulomb: Pascal for Novembre


Nicolas Coulomb: Steven for Novembre


Nicolas Coulomb: Steven for Novembre


Nicolas Coulomb: 2 boys with sunglasses


Nicolas Coulomb: Marc & Daniel for Novembre


Nicolas Coulomb: 4 boys in Dries Van Noten