Nicolas Feldmeyer: Reckless

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Photography: Nicolas Feldmeyer’s quiet images echo with a monumental grandeur

Nicolas Feldmeyer’s photography is quiet in the same way that an ancient ruin is; uncluttered, the images seem almost to echo with an energy which has previously rushed through them, shaping the environment into what it is and then leaving Nicolas uninterrupted to capture it.

It’s an apt analogy actually, as he cites the Sublime, Taoism and archaic monuments among his inspiration for the work which is currently being shown in the Photographers’ Gallery as part of the Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed exhibition, a showcase of some of the most exciting photography by recent graduates. Don’t mistake the reservedness of his work for timidity, however; his photographs may be quiet, but the strength of the lines, angles and depths he seems to conjure up out of monochromatic prints strongly suggest that Nicolas knows something don’t. Not yet, anyway – hopefully we won’t have to wait long to find out more.

Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed runs at The Photographers’ Gallery until July 21.


Nicolas Feldmeyer: After All


Nicolas Feldmeyer: Breaking Point (video still)


Nicolas Feldmeyer: I am unique and so is everyone else (video still)


Nicolas Feldmeyer: Untitled (Two Doors)


Nicolas Feldmeyer: Institute