Nicolas Polli: 18|41

Work / Photography

Juicy, almost palpable photography from Switzerland’s Nicolas Polli

Our editor Rob Alderson summed up the work of Nicolas Polli quite nicely when he said of the image of the person in the red raincoat submerged in a wet hedge that he had “never been able to smell a photograph so strongly.” There is just something juicy about Nicolas’ style – the contrast between a handgun on a cheap leather car seat and the dewy, early morning feel of his outdoor photography give a rather stark indication of his talents. Not just a one-trick Tumblr pony, Nicolas has shown his sheer ability in his still-life work; those images of the paper falling softly on the tabletop — oooh.


Nicolas Polli: Untitled


Nicolas Polli: 22|41


Nicolas Polli: Untitled


Nicolas Polli: Untitled


Nicolas Polli: Untitled


Nicolas Polli: day 359/365