Nimura Daisuke: NECK ‘n’ NECK

Work / Illustration

Japanese illustrator Nimura Daisuke’s adorable and hilariously rude GIFs

If our interview with Brown Cardigan as part of our feature on to digital publishing has taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a GIF. Introducing then Japanese illustrator Nimura Daisuke, who has perfected the art with some of the sweetest, rudest moving images we’ve ever seen. How could you not fall for a shot of a woman flashing at a grumpy man as he looks the other way, or an unfortunate schoolboy leaning over and having the full conents of his rucksack crashing to the floor?

It’s not just GIFs that Nimura is a dab hand at, either – there are also some charming examples of straight illustration in his portfolio, with thick linework and cartoon-like characters placed alongside pastel washes and animations of spindly dancing people. It’s just pure joyous work, and we like it a lot.


Nimura Daisuke: Yo Over


Nimura Daisuke: Me and Cats


Nimura Daisuke: Life is Magic


Nimura Daisuke: Portrait of Three Brothers Wearing Moccasins with Floor Lamp


Nimura Daisuke: Chifure


Nimura Daisuke: Chifure


Nimura Daisuke: Life is Magic


Nimura Daisuke: Mr Practice