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Lose yourself in the shady, monochrome world of Nina Bunjevac’s comics…

After stumbling across Nina’s work in the latest copy of Art Review it became apparent that she is an illustrator who is going places, probably because of the depth and wit present in the comics she creates. In monochrome panels, shady characters far too reminiscent of the ones we encounter daily on the streets of the less desirable parts of the city interact with one another in dingy love affairs and family dramas. Her meticulous draughtsmanship is brought to life by her immense skill as a storyteller and her ability to create the narrative through conversations between characters alone.

Nina’s talents don’t stop there though – she has also recently begun spreading her knowledge of comics into schools, and has started a zine-making program at the Toronto Public Library. Great work Nina!


Nina Bunjevac: Posters/Covers


Nina Bunjevac: Posters/Covers


Nina Bunjevac: ComicsComics


Nina Bunjevac: Comics


Nina Bunjevac: Comics


Nina Bunjevac: Comics


Nina Bunjevac: