Nobrow 8

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Illustrators rejoice! NoBrow 8 has arrived, and boy is it a cracker

Just as the sun is trying to peer weakly from behind the clouds, we are reminded of what summer means. I’m talking beers on the street, coats in wardrobes and sweaty bus seats, oh, and ELCAF! NoBrow’s annual comic and arts festival. To get us warmed up, they’ve just released NoBrow 8, an 128 page stonker of a magazine containing extraordinary new work from some of the best illustrators working today including Jim Rugg, Emmanuelle Walker, Sam Bosma, Marta Monteiro, David Lucas, Kenard Pak, Bob Flynn, Keith Negley, Carmen Segovia, Gwendal Le Bec, Robin Davey, Andrea Kalfas, William Grill, Luke Pearson, Dustin Harbin, José Domingo, Matteo Farinella and Dilraj Mann and many, many more. All working to the theme of “hysteria”, it’s something of a manic publication — but not stressful manic, manic as in your eyeballs are at a party. Much better.


NoBrow 8: Cover Image by Karine Bernadou


NoBrow 8: Cover Image by Max Capdevila


NoBrow 8: Endpapers and Title Page by Max Capdevila


NoBrow 8: Illustration Index Page


NoBrow 8: Illustration Index Page


NoBrow 8: Illustration by


NoBrow 8: Illustration by Eirian Chapman


NoBrow 8: Illustration by Marta Monteiro


NoBrow 8: Illustration by Puño