Noell Osvald: Caught

Work / Art

Noell Osvald champions the impact of simplicity with her digital paintings

We all know the Star Wars theme tune (dum, dum, dum, dum-dum-dum etc.). Imagine its dramatic affect, but in still form. This has been achieved by Noell Osvald and her collection of photo manipulations. Don’t think you are going to scroll down and see a load of Chubakas though, instead Noell has created a surreal world injected with a dark yet playful atmosphere. In this world, Noell believes colour is a deterrent, and its absence allows us to feast our eyes on the utter brilliance of composition.

Ambiguity at its best – Noell does not let on with a conceptual narrative and we are left to extract our own meaning. Prepare to be (metaphorically) punched in the face.


Noell Osvald: Nightmare


Noell Osvald: Prejudice


Noell Osvald: Reachless


Noell Osvald: Relation


Noell Osvald: Cage


Noell Osvald: Silence