Les Amants (Cascade), 2009


Les Amants (Promenade), 2009


Les Amants (Jetée), 2009


Warren, 2011


Well, 2011


Wind, 2008

Work / Photography

Noemie Goudal

The pull of Noemie Goudal’s installation-photographs is, for me, the same as CS Lewis’ Narnia myth – the idea that an unexpected place might conceal a passage to another, infinitely more lovely world – a waterfall in the woods or a misty bridge at the bottom of a barn, perhaps. A standout at the London Art Fair we attended last week, Ms. Goudal’s capacity to utilise rudimentary techniques to transform a space is a study in wistful escapism, while the subdued palette and sense of emptiness are just enigmatic enough to make them linger in the mind.