Not For Rental: Tom Fincham

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Exhibition: Not for Rental wants you to fall back in love with videotapes

Thought up one day by Timba Smits and Gordon “Flash” Shaw on the bus to a hospital appointment, the brilliantly named Not For Rental currently on show at London’s 71A Gallery exhibits work by hundreds of the most exciting emerging talent in art, illustration, photography and graphic design. This isn’t just any exhibition, however; as the title infers, each piece of work looks to condense the plot of the artist’s favourite film into one image, and it’s then exhibited as the sleeve art in a VHS case. It’s like all of your nineties teenage dreams merged in one Blockbuster basement!

Alongside the work, a number of workshops, talks and film screenings are taking place in the gallery space, and on Saturday July 13 all of the artwork on show will be sold on a first come first served basis at £50 a pop. All proceeds go to Art Against Knives and Macmillan Cancer Support. If this doesn’t make you want to dust off your old video collection and fumble around behind the telly with a bunch of scart leads and a head full of determination then frankly, I don’t know what will.

Not For Rental is at 71A Gallery in London from July 4 to July 13.


Not For Rental: Christopher Monro DeLorenzo


Not For Rental: Damien Weighill


Not For Rental: Edgar Regalado


Not For Rental: Linda Coulter


Not For Rental: Missy Austin


Not For Rental: Pablo Pintachan


Not For Rental: Sharm Marugiah


Not for Rental: Poster