Nous Vous: Illustrations for Bloomberg

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50+ new images! Time for a mega Nous Vous update

You’ve got to admire Nous Vous (not just for having the best name and some of the best talent in the business) for releasing such an enormous amount of new work at once. It’s nice when people release dribs and drabs here and there, drawing by drawing, poster by poster —but for Nous Vous just to rock up on Twitter and casually mention they have over 50 new images to show off is pretty impressive, and very exciting.

We could go on about the new pieces, but perhaps it’s best to direct you away from here to their corner of the internet. We can’t reiterate enough that perusing the Nous Vous website is an absolute joy, and must be done whilst listening to nice music, perhaps with a warm drink nearby. So go and check out Will, Jay and Nic’s new work, as always made using a huge range of media that they all work with so easily, all kept under the kindly umbrella of their sweet and friendly yet un-twee aesthetic.

Nous Vous have a lot of imitators, but what copycats will never achieve are the unique results that are born out of three great friends who work together to make something truly special. Long may they draw.


Page from new book by Nicolas


Self promotional postcard


Ceramic by William


Drawing by William


Drawing by Nicolas


Animals’ print for Littlecollector by Jay


Lino cut illustration by Nicolas


Logo and postcard for Artworks MK


Drawing by William


Illustration for Tate


Self initiated installation


Sculpture by Jay