Novembre x Ecal: Calypso Mahieu

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Novembre x ECAL explores contemporary attitudes towards the body and beauty

Founded in 2010, Novembre Magazine is a biannually printed publication devoted to “the products that make contemporary urban life exciting.” It explores the worlds of art and fashion to challenge cultural trends and produce innovative imagery.

As part of its mission to nurture “the emerging, the outsiders, the arrivistes, the ugly, the dirty, the failed and the exaggerated,” the magazine has, for the last four years, hosted workshops with photography students from Ecal (University of Art and Design Lausanne) creating work surrounding the topic of beauty.

As a way to celebrate this years-long collaboration, Novembre has worked with the university to co-publish a special issue presenting a selection of images produced throughout this period. Through the eyes of over 60 students, the issue is a “kaleidoscopic snapshot of contemporary attitudes towards the body and new definitions of beauty, encouraging a truly interdisciplinary approach to photography". The imagery included is explorative and experimental in its approach to this subject matter with many students utilising bold colours in conjunction with textural elements and surreal environments.

To mark the magazine’s release, Novembre x Ecal is hosting a three day performative exhibition as part of Paris Photo 2017 curated by the founders of Novembre Jeanne-Salomé Rochat and Florence Tetier. The exhibition features a video providing a means to showcase even more of the thousands of images that have been created during the collaboration, alongside a small curation of photographs from the publication. The show opened yesterday evening (9 November), with 11 students who partook in the workshops printing and pasting hundreds of their own photos to build a sculptural monument which will remain until the show finishes on 11 November.


Novembre x Ecal


Novembre x Ecal: Olivia Schenker & Nora Smith


Novembre x Ecal: Olivia Schenker & Nora Smith


Novembre x Ecal


Novembre x Ecal: Julien Deceroi & Vincent Levrat


Novembre x Ecal: Thadde Comar & Remy Ugarte Vallejos


Novembre x Ecal: Isabelle Stauffer & Claire Bourrasse


Novembre x Ecal


Novembre x Ecal: Nora Smith & Olivia Schenker


Novembre x Ecal: Hugo Plagnard & Carole Arbenz