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Scandinavian aesthetics and do-right design approach: the brand values of Nudie Jeans

For a while now Nudie Jeans have been marked as the jeans of choice for those both style-conscious and sentimental. Designed to build up wear over time, they are the perfect foil to fast-paced, throwaway thinking. Hailing from Sweden, Nudie Jeans offer a holistic approach to branding and design that puts people at the centre of what it does. 

“Our visual identity is consistent but dynamic,” explains Nudie Jeans art director Magnus Heed Magassa, who oversees the graphics and visual identity. “Graphically we keep strict typography combined with hand drawn elements.” From the logo to the signature orange pocket stitching, which gives a nod to the orange construction cranes in Gothenburg where Nudie Jeans is based, utilitarian and essential elements of Scandinavian culture and design are second nature to the label. “Five-pocket jeans are not a Scandinavian invention,” says Magnus. “But Nudie Jeans are somehow the denim equivalent of Scandinavian functional thought.”

Nudie Jeans also upholds strong ideals and a do-right attitude. “No compromise and independence are key elements of our general attitude,” says CEO Palle Stenberg. “When we started in 2001, our vision then not to compromise was simple – no sacrifice on quality, the environment or our people for profit or numbers.” Transparency, for Nudie Jeans, is front of mind, from sourcing in India to production in Italy to the wearer worldwide.

At the heart of its regional design principles and responsible ideals is the material itself. “No fabric ages like denim,” Palle explains. “This is a phrase we coined in the early days and is still just as relevant today. A pair of jeans – especially drys – has the ability to keep building and telling a personal story the more they are worn.” They even go as far to suggest no jeans should be washed for at least six months, and their long-term view is supported by a model of repair, reuse, recycle (RRR) which has given way to the repair shops that have become a fundamental part of the label’s retail set up. Palle explains that 30,000 pairs of Nudie jeans were repaired in 2014 and over 40,000 are expected to have been repaired by the end of 2015.

Having just opened a new store in New York’s Nolita neighbourhood, Nudie Jeans shows no signs of slowing down. “New York, like all our stores, is the full communication of our brand values in one physical space,” says Palle. “It is where our ideas and values meet the everyday and speak directly to our customer.”


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