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Student of the Month: It’s October! We’re ready for you! Come submit!

Ah, October. Greenday are waking up from their September-induced slumber, WHSmiths have nothing left on their stationery shelves, you’ve washed all the Glasto-mud and holiday sand out of your hair only to replace it with grease and pot noodle juice because you’re so busy making fantastic new work that you haven’t showered in several days.

Don’t worry, though, you might not have spoken to anybody but your flatmate and your tutor this past week but we still want to talk to you! So much so, in fact, that we’re relaunching our Student of the Month competition just in the nick of time for the new academic year to start. So if you’ve been busy building, drawing, painting or sculpting (ain’t no creative talent we can’t get behind) send your very best project through to us and we will inform the world about how fantastic you are!

Check out the terms and conditions below as per. Read them as you would a tenancy agreement, not a compulsory course textbook.

What to submit

We only want you to submit ONE project, but it should be your finest work to date. So if it’s a project you made in your first year and you’re now in your second, that’s great, but don’t forget that you must still be in education to qualify. We want to see cool new work from students who don’t study art and design-based subjects, too, even if it is just bits and pieces you’re making alongside your course!

Text and Links

Please include:

– Your full name

– Full course title

– Place of study

– What year you’re currently in

Next, send through a paragraph of no more than 150 words about you, your project, and when the work was made . Of course, include a web link: blog, flickr, tumblr, website – all very handy! We’ll be back in touch for more information if you are selected.


If you’re submitting a video/moving image piece, please include a link to YouTube or Vimeo.



– Maximum of five images, at a maximum of 705 pixels wide.

– Include them as attachments within an email, and not as a zip or pdf.

Where to submit

In the subject line of your email, please include the title Student of the Month and send it to [email protected]


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