How do our most intimate spaces reflect us? Olivia Pedigo’s dreamy 3D artworks investigate

The Miami-based creative who works across 3D art, animation and graphic design, explores whether “we give meaning to our possessions or if they give meaning to us.”

20 February 2023


With plush pink carpets, warm, glowing lamps and vintage Apple computers, Olivia Pedigo’s bedroom scenes have a dreamy, comforting air about them. Taking visual cues from y2k aesthetics, the children’s books she grew up with and the work of Jiayi Li, the intimate spaces are also intended to induce serious feelings of nostalgia and fond reflection within their audience.

As you may have noticed, all of Olivia’s spaces are devoid of people, which simultaneously gives her work a slightly surreal, almost eerie edge. This is because Olivia endeavours to bring as much attention as possible to the various items and objects littered about her scenes. “I like to focus on the relationship between people and the things they own, especially technology,” she outlines. “I think it’s interesting to question whether we give meaning to our possessions or if they give meaning to us.” Olivia learnt how evocative her work could be when posting Things I Can’t Remember online – a piece showing an overflowing bedside table. “I've never gotten a more emotional response from people. I think that's powerful,” she reflects.


Olivia Pedigo: Things I Can't Remember (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2022)


Olivia Pedigo: Bedroom Artist (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2022)


Olivia Pedigo: Follow the Rabit (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2023)


Olivia Pedigo: Worldly Attachments (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2022)


Olivia Pedigo: Existing Underwater (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2022)


Olivia Pedigo: The Love Spell (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2023)

GalleryOlivia Pedigo: Kiki the Brand Magazine (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2022)

GalleryOlivia Pedigo: Logos (Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2022)

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Copyright © Olivia Pedigo, 2023

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